Layer Lovin'

10:19 AM got very fall here, very quickly.

I'm talking knock-down wind blowing in your face, forty-six degrees kind of fall. We had a brief hiatus this week, but it's back again today, beating on the windows of the glass law building and trying very hard to carry us all away. One day left me quaking in my boots about what to wear. It was also a casual day that I was spending doing some studying, so I wanted to be as cozy as humanly possible.

Warm, cozy AND stylish?! Sacre blue! Is it possible?

I think I got there with this look. It's not catwalk perfect, but I felt pulled together enough to see other humans that I go to school with as well as strangers on the street. There was plaid, there was sparkle, there was soft turtleneck. Plus I love these vintage boots--a gift from my mom's closet that she wore back in the 80's. The $20 I spent to get the soles re-glued and the heel caps put on a year ago was 100% worth it. 

So there you go, folks! Layer, layer, layer--that's how I roll.

ONE LAST THING!! I am so excited that tomorrow, November 8th, I will be a VIP blogger at Baltimore's own Boulevard of Chic, which is a ton of local clothing vendors who all pack up in vans and sell lots of goodies. If you're Baltimore-side, be sure to visit Pier 5 between 11am-5pm tomorrow--you may even see me wandering around!



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