The Weekend Report: Mad for Plaid!

12:23 PM

Welcome back to a chilly Monday! (Damn it polar vortex!!) 

This past weekend I was so excited that my old friend Tallie came to visit me all the way from Wisconsin! I hadn't seen her in about two years and it was wonderful to spend time together. She is awesome about visiting me, and it was so fun to show her around Baltimore.

Saturday was bitterly cold, but I was dead set on wearing this skirt. I just picked it up at a swap sale and I absolutely love it. I have no idea why I picked it, but it drew me in and wouldn't let me leave without it. Problem? It's very lightweight with next to no liner. So, solution! There are leggings under this skirt. Yep, I'm a genius. 

For warmth (and copying Tallie's idea), I added this snood scarf I picked up for $15 at a silent auction. I threw on my new favorite ring from SideDish Mobile and carried my faux Louis for a fun day of brunching, shopping and drinks! I couldn't have asked for a better Saturday.

P.S. Major cred to Tallie for taking these photos--she's amazing and patient! 



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