Will Wear Wednesday: Monochromatic

5:12 PM

Welcome back to the evening edition of Legally Charming Style!

What really happened is that I got wrapped up in schoolwork and realized I hadn't blogged yet. One of those days! (In case you're wondering, I'm still not done with the work. Just procrastinating in my usual style.)

Today we're talking about monochromatic looks. Monochromatic looks are, in my mind, one of the easiest things to pull off. I mean, you're literally just wearing the same color. All over. But how do you make that interesting? I mean, if you're wearing all black top to toe, doesn't that come out a little boring?

Not so! Here's how to make it look happenin':

1) Vary up your shades a little.

So, it's monochrome. It's supposed to be all one color. But unless it's black, there's usually more than one shade of that color. Like this green. There's spring green, mint green, olive green...combine them and yes, it's the same color, but it's also fun and interesting.

2) Have fun with texture.

If it's all, say, black cotton, it's a bit of a snooze. So pick some different textures. Here, I layered a light thermal sweater with a silky soft skirt. A bit of fun that creates some interest and keeps eyes on your outfit.

3) Optional: add a pop of a different color.

Here, I wore a bright pink lipstick to pop, which added a nice bit of contrast without taking away from the green palette. Savvy but easy. You could also achieve this with a bright purse or shoes if you're so inclined. (I know it's monochromatic, but keep it a small piece and you'll still achieve the look.)

There you go! Easy, breezy, beautiful! (Do I owe Cover Girl money now...?)



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