Subtle Sparkle

10:48 AM

Hey howdy hi! YAY FOR FRIDAY!!! 

So I feel like Friday is a good day to talk about sparkle. Why? Because I always feel like my personality is the least sparkly it can be by Friday afternoon, because I'm tired and cranky and need caffeine and generally just want to take a nap. 

But wait...doesn't that sound like the opposite of sparkle?

Exactly! It makes me need the sparkle MORE to get through the day so I can reach the weekend--a place where I have an illusion of getting some rest and taking a little time away from my crazy life. The sparkle, in my mind, makes the day go by faster. (It's probably a fantasy, but don't pop my happy little sparkle bubble!) But I can't just show up to class covered in sequins or glitter, so sometimes you have to just ninja that thing a little bit. 

So this outfit doesn't look like it's got much going in the sparkle department. But if you look closer at that sweater, you'll see it has SILVER SPARKLES running all through it. I know. Right? RIGHT? A little silver sheen is just what you need to make it through the day. Add a good pair of earrings, balance your sparkles with a solid army jacket and tough booties, and call yourself the mastermind of the subtle sparkle look. 



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