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Whoa no. Let's stop that song there before it gets stuck in everyone's head. The point is, it's FRIDAY and that's really exciting, because this has basically been hell week.

So let's do a little flashback Friday to...Sunday, when my friend Tallie was still in town and we went to brunch, had delicious food, and got a glorious amount of free books from a book exchange here in Baltimore. Sounds like a good day, right? Exactly.

So I mentioned on Monday that Tallie and I had done a little bit of shopping on Saturday. In our travels, we managed to hit both the mall and a consignment store she located in Timonium called Upscale Cheapstake (super awesome deals if you're in the area, btw). At the mall, I basically dragged poor Tallie into Forever 21 because the week before I'd had my eye on this handsome scarf. It reminded me a little of home with the Southwest-inspired pattern, like a few of the older blankets that used to sit on the couch at our house that we'd gotten in Mexico. With the pink and blue, it even reminded me of one I'd had in my old bedroom back in Texas (probably why I picked it, now that I think of it). Did I mention it's really warm? And it cost less than $13? Important things to keep in mind.

At Upscale Cheapskate we spent a lot of time browsing, but one of the last places I hit in the store was the jacket section. I have a disease in which I love owning multiple jackets, because I never like wearing the same coat for several days in a row. I'd also had my eye out in thrift stores and such for a leather (or faux leather) jacket to come along, because I felt like it'd be a good addition to my mostly girly wardrobe. And lo and behold, flipping through the racks, there was this gorgeous faux leather jacket with clean lines for LESS THAN $16. I of course immediately threw in on my arm and it came home with me, because that's a deal. It felt great, looked great, and seriously. The bargain. (I just can't.)

So Sunday morning came and I desperately wanted to throw it all together. So I added a black top, black leggings, and black boots. With the scarf the look went from biker gang to comfy Sunday attire.  Easy, chic, and just a little bit rebellious--just how one should live on a Sunday. 



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