A little bit Jackie...

4:09 PM

I have an unrestrained love affair with good vintage. I also love modern pieces that are sharp and interesting. But most of all, I love mixing the two and being playful with my style.

This look kind of encompasses all of those elements. The green and white striped top is a vintage find from about three years ago or so, purchased for around $5 at a thrift store. It's polyester and can come across a little like a candy cane, so I have to be careful when dressing it, but the diagonal pocket detail and hidden buttons are well worth the risk of being labeled Christmas candy.

The jacket is another swap meet find (so free!!). It's Forever 21, but it has the look and shape of a classic tweed jacket, the kind Jackie Kennedy might have worn back in her heyday. I love the 50's; it's one of my favorite eras of fashion, and this jacket basically makes me want to step into a time machine. Like now. I probably wouldn't last long in the 50's with my liberal feminist attitude, but let's just pretend, shall we?

The necklace was added to be perfectly coordinating, the denim pencil skirt to be a little more modern amongst all the classic pieces. Tights and ballet flats and I was ready to be a stunner at the office...or, at the very least, awake enough to do some work and be generally productive. (It was a Monday, so don't expect too much, mmkay?)



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