Will Wear Wednesday: Day-After-Party Dressing

5:07 PM

Real talk: getting up and getting dressed the morning after a fun party is uber difficult.

I love parties (most of the time). They're fun. You get a little crazy and let loose with your friends. You might consume some adult beverages. It seems the night will never end and then, well, it does. And if you're me, you have to get up at eight in the morning the next day to do schoolwork because law school finals quickly approach. Because, well, law school life.

So here's the question: the day after the party, how do you get dressed so it doesn't look like you slept on a friend's air mattress with your contacts in? Here's my tips for post-party success!

1) Take a shower/fix your hair/put on makeup. 

No, seriously. I know it sounds dumb. But the morning after a party, the last thing I ever want to do is take the time to blow dry my hair. I usually just want to stay in my pajamas, put all of my hair in a greasy ponytail, and call it a day. But trust me, you'll feel better. More prepared to face the world and all that business. Plus the shower might help clear your head, so to speak. ;)

2) Be real with what you need.

You will almost never catch me in my glasses. I don't like wearing them out because I've always felt self-conscious about how I look in them. But last Saturday I wore my contacts all day and fell asleep in them. I could have chosen to take them out really quick, clean them, and pop them back in. But my eyes needed to breathe, so I wore my glasses all day. 

My advice? Do what you need to do to feel better. Drink lots of water, wear your glasses, moisturize your face. It might not be your favorite, but make it work--after all, eye infections are nobody's friend. 

3) Go a little standby if you need to.

My best fashion experiments come when I'm fully rested and take time to consider what I'm putting on. When I've been out until 2am, this is not a time when this is going to happen. So for me, the old standby is to go matchy-matchy. Here, I matched my jacket and top to my shoes. My purse was also brown and black. My glasses are black. I mean, I could have only been more matchy if I'd worn black pants. But that's what works for me when I'm not thinking.

So do your best not-thinking style. If you go print-crazy without thinking, do it. If you are tee and jeans person, do it. Whatever you need. Do you, boo. 

4) Flats.

'Nuff said. 

4) Try to smile.

After all, you had a great time last night, right? Remember the fun you had and don't let the boring stuff you've got to do today get you down. Hell, since you look so pulled together, take the time to make some great memories today too! That sounds very YOLO of me, but ah well. YOLO. (Deal with it.)



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