Second Chance at a First Impression

10:35 AM

It's almost the weekend (thank goodness, y'all)! 

So last Friday I wore this to class and to pick up my friend Tallie from the airport. You know how you've been friends for someone for forever, but you still want to look your best after a long separation? That was how I felt, and so it took a little bit of work to put this together. But well worth it, no?

I think what ultimately pulled everything together was this gold bow belt I found at a swap meet. It grabbed the gold in the skirt and the boot buckles, and played nicely with the casual vibe of the long sleeve tee. I felt pulled together without looking like I was headed to something overly fancy to make people notice me, and that was the ultimate goal. 

After all, your friends should be looking at you (and not your outfit), amirite?



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