Neutral Territory

4:42 PM

Greetings from Atlanta!

It's Monday night and I'm writing my post for today (Tuesday) while waiting on my flight to Houston. The power went out at BWI, which caused massive delays and caused me to miss my connection in Atlanta. But I will be back in HTX soon!

The look I'm posting about today would have probably been perfect in Texas last week. Because sometimes I forget to check the weather (like a smart person), I failed to realize the day I wore this that it was a HIGH of 30 degrees last Tuesday. Oops? So I made the rather unfortunate choice to wear my lightest coat and a short-sleeve sweater.

The fortunate news is that: 1) That short sleeve sweater had a lovely cowel neck that I could bury my face in while walking against gale-force winds; 2) my feet were warm in socks and boots; and 3) I looked really super cute. I know, priorities, but at least I had something going for me. In life, you have to take the little victories, right? 

So when you look at these photos, remember how cute I looked, and not my obviously excellent choice not to become a weatherperson. (Or the fact that I discovered at 4:00pm in class that I was wearing this sweater backwards. #fashionproblems #Carisaproblems) 




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