Winter White

12:55 PM

Hey guys! 

So I think when we were younger, we grew up with this rule that told us not to wear white of any kind after Labor Day. Something about it being seasonally inappropriate or whatever. Don't ask me. I've never been a big fan of following the rules. (Just ask my mother.)

But lately, the world has been embracing white all year round, in particular this lovely shade the fashionable have deemed "winter white" (maybe so we would all feel better about wearing it after Labor Day?). It's softer than stark white, which is usually a mistake on my pale skin anyway, and totally apropos for any time of year. Thank goodness. I hate putting away cute clothes and pretending they don't exist while the foreboden season passes.

Like this sweater. I'd get away with wearing it all year if weather allowed. It's lacy and sweet, not always things that describe me as a person but are always good ways to describe a sweater. Underneath is a polka dot button down I snapped up from Old Navy that pretty much makes my world better. The two together basically act as the fantasy team for the winter white movement--proving exactly why rules were meant to be broken. 



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