Will Wear Wednesday: She's Got Legs (In Fishnets)

9:53 PM

Happy Hump Day!!

I write my blog entry from the train today, on my way home from watching oral arguments in Young v. United Parcel Service and Hana Financial v. Hana Bank. Pretty thrilling morning--seeing one of my personal heroes in action is a long-standing dream of mine.

This outfit, however, is NOT one you wear to the Supreme Court. This outfit is a little...saucier. 

Fishnets, you say? Gasp! Oh my stars!

But if you think about it, it's kind of an easy thing to do. It's sassy and spicy, sure, but fishnets are really just tights with little holes. I wear tights all the time. Why not sub in something more fun? 

So there's my easy-peasy advice--take a deep breath, remember they're really just tights, and put those puppies on.



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