The Weekend Report: Boulevard of Chic

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Welcome back and happy(ish) Monday!

So about three weeks ago, I opened my blog email to find an email from someone I didn't know named Alyssa. I opened it to discover that I had garnered a VIP invitation to an event called Boulevard of Chic here in Baltimore. I'd seen ads for the event on public transit a few times and thought it looked really cool, but I wondered a little if my invitation was a joke--I mean, I've been blogging for less than six months, and didn't know anyone even KNEW about it outside of my family and friends. I decided to respond anyway, and found myself with two passes to be a VIP (with perks)!

So this past Saturday, I had the absolute pleasure of attending Boulevard of Chic with a friend of mine from work, Kara. It was SUCH a big deal--my first real event as a blogger (the "new kid" on the block, as it were). Kara and I arrived at about noon and I forced her to take photos of my outfit--a look I'll call essential to my "brand"--patterns on top of patterns with a bit of vintage flair.

We checked in and got adorable little pink bags full of goodies. There were coupons for a couple of the vendors of the event. Business cards for contact. And there, inside, was what I would call my first official piece of "blogger swag"--a free pair of adorable geometric gold earrings from Side Dish Mobile, a costume jewelry fashion truck. I'm going to admit it--I've worn them twice already (including as I type this). They're pretty much perfectly my taste and it's a nice little reminder that this blog is only starting to go places.

We grabbed an AMAZING cup of coffee from Lucky Cup Truck (dirty chai with cayenne=life) and started wandering around. We probably started with food a little too keenly, but we did see some adorable finds out on the grounds (including a green leather/pleather combo vest from Flawless Damsels that Kara later bought).

Our presence was required back at the tent, where we took the photo below of the fashion bloggers who made it out. Please try not to laugh at how short I look compared to everyone else. (That's what I get for wearing practical flats!)

After that, we went over to explore the trucks. I have never personally shopped out of the back of a truck, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.

What I got was AMAZING. I love my box stores like Target and TJ Maxx just as much as the next girl (probably more). But there's something wonderful to be said for the quality of service you receive from a small, local vendor who takes the time to speak with you as a customer. At Side Dish, the staff was incredibly kind. One of the ladies was actually the coordinator of the event and we talked about blogging and Baltimore as well as their upcoming events. They were super accommodating, even as I kept dropping everything I was holding and knocking stuff over (graceful I am not). My finds were stunning, and let's be honest, folks--I've found my new home for costume jewelry with this shop. Great stuff at even greater prices.

The Pink Armoire was literally a bright pink truck filled with pretty much everything that was impeccably me. I had to stay calm. The vintage couch, the small television playing the Hitchcock version of Rear Window (one of my favorite movies), and THIS. TULLE. SKIRT. Again, incredibly friendly and personable. If an owner is willing to indulge me while I spend five minutes twirling and giggling like a giddy schoolgirl in her tiny van, then I'm sold. And the prices were brilliant-I've never seen a tulle skirt below $50 before Saturday!

And finally, Hobo the Original had the bags I never knew I'd been wanting. Staffed by young women and based out of Annapolis, the joint had the classiest leather bags that I've ever come across. Though I couldn't purchase anything, I fell in love with the beauty below and and wish to all that is holy that I could have afforded to take it home.

I think we would have stayed for hours longer if it hadn't been so cold, but we had a GREAT time. I was thrilled by how personable and local the whole event was. I'll be back next year, VIP or no VIP!

Links to the shops mentioned in this post:

The Side Dish Mobile Boutique: @sidedish_mobile
The Pink Armoire: @shopthepinkarmoire
Hobo the Original: @hobotheoriginal
Boulevard of Chic: @boulevardofchic



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