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Welcome back to the second edition of "Is It Worth It"! I'm so excited to continue this series reviewing subscription services and letting you know what they're all about, how much they cost, and if it's worth it to you to get (or keep) them.  

If you haven't heard of Le Tote (or haven't seen me constantly talking about it on Instagram), it is a curated clothing subscription box that contains three pieces of clothing and two accessories (jewelry, scarves, or bags). It is one of a few clothing subscription boxes (others include Stitch Fix and Gwynnie Bee) that are currently being offered on the market. 

So how does it work?

When you sign up for Le Tote, the website will take you through a guided Style Profile Quiz. Generally the Style Profile first features photos of outfits and asks you to choose ones you would wear. Next, it will ask you about your office dress code, and then goes into what type of clothing, jewelry, jewelry metals, and patterns/colors you won't wear. Finally, the profile will wrap up with asking you about your body shape, measurements, and your date of birth.

Once you complete the quiz, Le Tote will come up with suggestions of pieces it thinks you would like and that would fit based on the profile you filled out. You can also browse the entirety of Le Tote's website for pieces. Click on the heart icon on a photo to put it into your "closet" for curation.

Once you've gone through the initial process, Le Tote will put together a hypothetical box for you to look at what the selection will be like, and you can choose at that time to start paying for the service or wait until you're ready (the box will likely change if you wait).

Once you decide to start paying for the service, it will be offered on a monthly or yearly basis. Boxes typically get from Le Tote to me within two business days, which is crazy fast.

Do the items have to be returned?

It depends. If you aren't interested in keeping the items after wearing them, then yes. If not, then Le Tote provides a mailing bag to put everything back in with a prepaid label--simply put the sealed bag in the mailbox and it'll get back to them.

If you're interested in keeping something, you do not have to return the item. Simply bag up everything else and send it back. After that you would go into your account and purchase the item--it does not automatically charge to your card. Le Tote also offers the option every month of keeping the whole tote--the prices vary between $200-$400 to keep the whole box.

How long do I get to keep the items?

Theoretically, you could keep them forever as long as you keep paying your monthly user fee!! Le Tote doesn't charge for keeping the items for more than a month. However, you won't get anything new until you return your tote or pay for whole box if you opt to keep it.

To get the most value out of it, however, I tend to keep my boxes for 1-2 weeks and then return them.

How much does the service cost?

The standard box costs $59/month. There is also a maternity option for $69/month. There is also an option to include insurance in your monthly fee (which I would recommend if you're even slightly spill-prone) for an additional $5/month.

What's the value of the items I'm receiving?

Le Tote sets usually retail around $200.00-$400.00 in total, according to their website. Le Tote and other sites like them have been coming under fire lately for the cost of their items, the actual value, and whether they are truly "name brand" items as they claim (but I'll touch on that below).

How many boxes have you received?
As of this writing, I have received four totes and am about to send back the fourth for a new set.

Have you kept anything?

I kept the fringe purse shown in my "Weekend Vibes" post (which was $38). 

Finally...the big question. Is it worth it?

For me, yes. With bar prep coming up & no income coming in, this is probably one of two subscription boxes I'll be keeping (I currently receive Le Tote, Rocksbox, Ipsy, & Birchbox).  For me, having new clothes to rotate into my wardrobe helps my budget astoundingly. I'm less inclined to shop for a big event coming up when I can just swap in my box and get something that'll be appropriate for what I need. This cuts down my shopping budget big time while allowing me to always have something new. There's also the option to suspend the service for a week or month at a time if your finances get tight, which I'll likely be doing in August.

Le Tote also has astounding customer service. I worked with them when they offered to feature me on their blog, and their representative Brynn was prompt at answering all my questions and was so enthusiastic about working with me. I would work with them again in a heartbeat on anything, and I feel like I can count on them if something comes up.

One of the biggest criticisms of boxes like this is that they don't truly offer "designer" brands and that their pieces aren't worth what the company states (both Stitch Fix and Le Tote have gotten this complaint). If you know anything about me, it's that I don't really care about designer brands that much; frankly, I like clothes that fit and look cute for what I need. Le Tote offers me that without me going shopping for new pieces all the time.

Anything else I should know?

Couple things:

1) I highly recommend getting the app or going into Le Tote's website when you're returning a box. One of my few complaints about the boxes is that initially I tend to get offered a lot of the same thing (two cardigans in one box, etc.) in a monthly box. If you go into the app or the website, you have the option to switch pieces out if you want more variety or don't like something.

2) If you're above an 8 or 10, I wouldn't recommend it. Full disclosure: I wear a 10/L in a lot of things these days. My other chief complaint about Le Tote is that most of their sizing is very small. There are a bunch of things on the site that I think are adorable, but are not offered in my size. I still find a lot of cute stuff, but the restrictions are a hassle.

3) I'm giving away three free first month box codes!! If you're interested in trying out the service, leave a comment below. The first three to comment with their email will get a code from me to get their first month free.

As always, thanks for dropping by! If there's any services you think I should try out for this series, leave a comment below letting me know!



*Disclosure: As compensation for my interview with Le Tote on their blog, I received a $25 shopping credit that went towards the purchase of the above-mentioned purse. I have not received any other compensation of any type for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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  1. I would totally be game to try it out. I've been on the fence for a while. :)

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  3.! :D excited to try it out, thanks for the review!

  4. I read your review and it sounds like im sold!

    1. Looks like you're #4 of 3...I'm so sorry!! But definitely check around online for promo codes & other bloggers to see if you can get your first month free.

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