Saying "I Do" to Black & White

12:51 PM

Hi hello!

So it's no secret that I love color. My Instagram sometimes looks like a rainbow factory exploded everywhere, and there's rarely a day goes by that I'm not wearing at least one pop of color somewhere on my person--whether it's an orange shoe, a purple cardigan, or a blue bag (okay, sometimes all three at once), I'm all up on color. There's something about it that makes me really happy!

Sometimes, though, I like to mix things up and really try for the monochromatic look. There's something about all black everything that screams class and sophistication, like a Hollywood starlet in a classic black and white film, all lips and smokey eyes over their outfits. It makes me feel really sexy to be dressed in all black.

A few Fridays ago I had a charity auction at law school that called for something a little dressier than my 9-to-5 fare. I was home that day and thought I was totally on top of what I was going to wear. Then 4:30 came and I started getting ready...yeah, guys, it didn't really work. Full disclosure: this was the FOURTH outfit I tried on. (Even we fashion bloggers struggle with what we're going to wear sometimes!)

I love how this French Connection peplum top (a piece I rented from Le Tote) falls with this very-office appropriate pencil skirt from The Limited--the softness of the look is gorgeous and this pairing had everyone convinced it was a dress! I was able to comfortably eat and drink all night without issue, which for me is super important.

I paired the combo with shorter black heels to keep my feet from hurting by the end of the night. Nighttime=more jewelry to me, so I put in the big earrings and stacked rings on two fingers which is a lot for me! Finally, I threw in this kicky gingham clutch that I got from Le Tote and painted some crazy classy red lips on for a true Old Hollywood look.

I felt great all night, and I even got a marriage proposal out of the deal! Unfortunately we can't run away together just yet because I have that whole bar exam thing coming up this summer. ;) But now that you know this look can get such results, there's no reason not to try it out, amirite? (Unless you're not ready for that yet, in which case you do you boo.)



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