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3:56 PM

Hey, hump day (and second day of March)!

So I'm hoping this look is one of the LAST ONES that I post with tights for a few months. Let me tell you guys--I love tights and am so excited for them come September/October, but by this time I'm so ready to put them back in the closet! I can't even tell you how many times I have let out a giant sigh in the last month at the THOUGHT of encasing my legs in tights yet again.

That being said, I had to put them back on because I loved this look from February SO MUCH I couldn't let the time pass without me showing it to you.  The sacrifices I make for y'all, I'm telling you. ;)

I have a big love of primary colors. A big chunk of what I own falls into the primary colors category, from shoes to purses to tops and pants. And I love pairing them with both basic black and with each other, so this outfit was pretty much the culmination of my obsession with them. I know, I have weird obsessions like pairing together primary colors--thank goodness I'm a fashion blogger, am I right? Otherwise things would get awkward if all I talked about how much I like outfits like these.

I wore this look to the office a few weeks ago for a couple of reasons: 1) These vintage (new-to-me) shoes needed to see an outfit immediately and 2) I had a sneaking suspicion this jacket would look fabulous with a black dress. I am so happy with how this turned out! I think it's one of those looks that's both conservative and a little bit bold at the same time. I felt perfectly appropriate showing up to my 9-5 job in a law office with it on, and I suspect I would have been just as comfortable going out for drinks after or dinner without feeling too overdressed.

Happy March, and here's to color!



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