How to Score: On ThredUP!

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Welcome back guys!

It's been a very, very long week and I had to take an absence from blogging for personal reasons. I am so happy to be back, though, and starting this How to Score series!

The idea behind these pieces started after always being asked, "Where did you get that?", "How much did that cost?", and more often than not, "Can I go shopping with you?" These posts are my way of taking you shopping with me and share with you insider secrets on how I score pieces for super cheap while still achieving a chic wardrobe!!

And first up is a handy little site called ThredUP!

I first started hearing about ThredUP a year or two ago, but I had never checked it out because I didn't online shop. *gasp* I know. What?? Crazy town! I've always had a hard time with online shopping because being a petite curvy girl with wide feet has its disadvantages. >.< Buuuuut lately I've seen the light and that's thanks to this wonderful site!

What's ThredUP? It's basically an online thrift store that has thousands of clothing and accessories for women, men, and children priced at up to 90% off, including designer brands! They offer a multitude of sizes, colors and styles and pretty much everything is super adorable. They're also a pretty ethical company with positive, community-empowering values, including offering participants the chance for a portion of their sales to go to a local school of their choice.

I initially started shopping on ThredUP because they offered me a credit to check out their wares, and I found that I loved what they were offering! I'm all about discount clothing and thrifting, and I love that I can put money towards my community by doing it.

I'll admit I was nervous about shopping online because I still had those ghosts of fear about nothing fitting. So I ran through and picked items that I knew would fit based on designer/brand, clicked 'buy,' and waited.

Everything was SO CUTE!! The only piece I've been able to wear so far (just because of weather) is the floral skirt in this shoot, and I love it. It's an H&M piece that was just $10! (What a deal!) It's perfect for spring and I can't wait until I can wear it without tights and lace up sandals or wedges. :)

So what advice do I have for you about shopping on ThredUP? Check it out here!

1) If you're nervous about sizing, choose brands you already know. There's a lot of stuff from cheaper national box stores, including Old Navy, H&M, Forever 21, Banana Republic, and more. If you know your sizes in those brands, then you know that anything you pick from them will fit.

2) Take the style quiz. ThredUP offers an online style quiz you can take that curates your own shop of brands you love. I used it and that's how I found the peach top I picked up, because it was Old Navy (where I shop a lot).

3) Narrow your searches based on what you're looking for. ThredUP allows narrowing based on type of item you're looking for, color, size, style, brand, and price. This allows you to narrow stuff down if you're specifically looking for a yellow midi skirt or a striped shirt from J. Crew.

4) Take some risks! The beauty of thrifting (and thrifting through ThredUP) is that you can take some risks with pieces. It won't be as big of an investment if you order discount Tory Burch boots from ThredUP and never wear them than if you order from Tory Burch online at full price and never wear them. (There's also free returns, so if you get something and hate it, you can return it!)

Wanna try out shopping now? Check out my shopping link here and get $10 off your first purchase!



*I was provided with a $30.00 to ThredUP in exchange for posting about the company on my Instagram page. I have received no other compensation for this post and all thoughts & opinions are mine! 

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