Valentines #ootd: On the Town

11:34 AM

It's almost Valentine's Day! Which means it's almost date night for some of you (for me, it means a Galentine's Day cider and cheese tasting--so excited!). And while date night can have any kind of uniform, there's something about a Valentine's Day date that feels extra special. So why not take the time and dress extra special?

I wore this look to go to the theater with a friend of mine to see As You Like It, one of the fluffier Shakespearean comedies and one of my favorites. I wanted to do something a little different from what I usually do, but still right within my girly, romantic vintage vibe.

I went with a button up and ribbon bow, which was a little play on menswear without taking it head-on! I love this gorgeous tiered skirt too--I picked up at a swap meet for free! But the real star of this show is...

These shoes.

These are the shoes that launched a thousand compliments, y'all. I'm serious. I wore them to the theater and while my friend and I were in the bathroom, EVERY WOMAN of EVERY DEMOGRAPHIC complimented them. I'm serious. I spent about fifteen minutes only being able to utter several variations of "thank you." When Taliah and I photographed this shoot outside a diner in Charles Village, the bartender came OUT OF THE RESTAURANT to tell me I was rocking the shoes. And who doesn't want to get complimented 24/7?

The best part? They're only $31. Yes, seriously. And the link above will take you right to them!

And isn't giving yourself the gift of gorgeous shoes the best Valentine's present of all?



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