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Hi, Y'all!

I'm Carisa, a 30 year old lifestyle/fashion blogger (and nonprofit lawyer) from Baltimore, Maryland who grew up deep in the heart of Texas! I'm addicted to coffee, carbs, and shopping on a budget. I struggle between binge-watching Gilmore Girls on repeat and taking the time to do a full face of makeup, love sleep more than the average human, treat myself to flowers as much as possible, and think viral animal videos are the best (and cutest) thing since sliced bread.

So why start a fashion blog?

As a full-time graduate student and only part-time paid worker, I found it really hard to find fashion blogs where I both related to the stylish aesthetic and could afford the price tags. A lot of friends in law school lamented that they could never figure out how to dress well on a budget, but they complimented me and wanted to know where I shopped, how I got such good deals, and how I thought to put stuff together. And thus a blog was born!

What started as something fun has turned into a mission! I love looking for good deals and great services that provide my readers (that's you!) with a way to look stylish on the fly without spending a lot of cash. I love scouring sales, going to swap meets, trying out subscription services, and more so you don't have to--because none of us busy graduate students and young professionals have time for that!! Most pieces and services that appear on Legally Charming Style are available for less than $50 each. 

I also wanted to create an authentic space that would allow you to have a community. Blogging from the outside is very glamorous, but insider's secret--it isn't always! Sometimes I'm wearing leggings and a long shirt on the weekend instead of a perfect outfit, and I want that to be okay. I also want to talk about the things young professionals struggle with--body confidence, FOMO, gender and sexuality, family and more--in such a way that we all learn more and learn to support each other.

If you're picking up what I'm putting down and want to see more, hop on over the home page and check out my content! I'd love to hear what you think. 



Want to Collaborate with Me?

If you're a vendor or blogger interested in collaboration, please contact me at legallycharming.style@gmail.com! I'd love to hear from you. 

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