January Instagram Roundup!

5:52 PM

Guys, guys, guys! How is it February already???? 2016 is flying by!

Today I'm going to be sharing my favorite posts from Instagram this month, including my favorite outfits, moments, and discoveries from my favorite photo app in the month of January! I discovered a lot of new things and started trying out new stuff.

So what did I love this month? Look below!

1. Video fun!

Before this month I'd never posted a video on my Instagram feed. Sledding videos, giggle videos...this was the #monthofvideos. I think it's fun to post them every once in a while, but maybe I should only do them every once in a while now...what do you guys think?

2. Taxi taxi!

THIS PURSE. Guys, stop and look. This purse was my most popular post of the month of January at 122 likes (and counting)! I absolutely love this pouch-it was an absolute steal at $29.99 from TJ Maxx, especially since it's Kate Spade and ADORABLE. I am so in love. Be prepared, guys, it'll be on these pages as much as I can possibly get away with it. <3

3. Camera love!

January was a HUGE month for photo quality on my IG! At long last, I picked up a Canon T3i for blog and IG photos, and I couldn't be more thrilled with what I've done with it so far. I take my camera with me absolutely everywhere. I've always been obsessed with photography and having a professional-grade camera has been such a huge joy for me.

4. Snapchat!

Y'all. I've become a weirdo about my love of Snapchat. I must have tagged my Snapchat in a dozen photos this month and I have been using it nearly every damn day. I went from knowing nothing to being the biggest Snapchat proponent in under a month. I'm having so much fun! (And in case you're not following me over there already, I'm at legallycharming. Go check it out.)

5. Snowwwww!

Snow, snow, snow. Snow in my shots. Snow on the ground. Blizzards on my street. Snow, snow EVERYWHERE. I know it's January, but snow seemed to be the king of my feed this month. It's pretty, and leads to gorgeous photos, but I will be 100% more excited when spring is here and the snow is gone.

Anything you loved that I didn't cover? What did you love in YOUR January? I'd love to know more, so comment below!



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