Weekend Report: National Adoption Day!

9:33 AM

Welcome back...we are four days away from Thanksgiving (holy freakin' crap, y'all). Today I take off on a plane back to Texas to watch my brother's nuptials!! How awesome, right?! In less than a week, I'll be able to say, "Here lies my brother, the married man" and it'll be true. And if you got that geeky reference to Much Ado About Nothing, you might be my new best friend.


So Saturday I had the distinct and wonderful pleasure of getting up early to go volunteer for Baltimore City Circuit Court's celebration of National Adoption Day. I admit it--though I have long since decided I don't want kids of my own, I wholeheartedly believe in the beauty of adoption and would still consider adopting kids one day (probably contrary, but I don't care). I think it's a gracious and wonderful gift for both parent and child to become family under the eyes of the law. 

Since it was such a happy occasion, I decided that I couldn't go wrong wearing bright colors to celebrate. Canary yellow + Tiffany blue=perfect and cheery. It also gave me an excuse to wear this SideDish Mobile necklace I picked up a few weeks ago, which is sparkly and colorful and made my outfit complete.  I added a black skirt, tights and flat boots to ground the combo, and I was ready to be a part of a great day in the lives of 25 children. 



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