Will Wear Wednesday: The Last of the Summer Maxis

10:36 AM

It's disturbingly cold outside. This can only mean one thing. 

Maxi dress season is nearly over.

Some pieces can survive. My green maxi skirt has layers, and it's cotton. But those polyester puppies? Done-zo.

So last week I decided in honor of this passage to winter, I'd wear one of my summer maxi dresses one last time. Give it a good whirl before retirement, you know. So I put it on. But um, tube top in November is a major no. So I added a sweater. 

Then I realized the skirt is half sheer. No again. So I added some tights. 

THEN I remembered I'm short, and the skirt is longer than my legs. So high-heeled booties. 

After all that, I had an outfit! Yay! 

But yo, winter. The struggle is real. Can we get fall back?



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