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I am so excited to show y'all my costume after my party on Friday night. I want to keep it a surprise, because I do love me a little mystery, but I'm so enthused I want to talk about costumes.

Long before I decided law school was my path, I was in theater, which meant I was in costume a good chunk of my life between the ages of 13-20. I don't think I have all of the pictures uploaded (darn for you), but here's a few samples of what I wore as a theater kid kicking around in the background of shows:

As you might have noticed, I was old a lot (this doesn't even include ANY of my photos from high school, where I was at a pretty much 1:1 ratio of young to old roles); even if I wasn't, I was in serious makeup. And after a while, I got kind of sick of it. The kid who kept a huge dress-up box was tired of costumes. I don't remember dressing up in high school for Halloween (maybe once?), and I was pretty nonchalant about the whole thing for a few years after. I did some DIY costumes over three years, and I usually only went to one party every year, which was whichever one my roommate would drag me to. I think in my bachelor's program I attended two parties in one year one time, which was a church party and a party I am pretty sure I was unhappy about being DD for at the time.

"Kiss the Girl" Ariel

The lazy cat costume...

Lady of the 80's

But after school ended, and it kind of became clear that the party was ending, all of a sudden I was clamoring to DRESS UP and GO TO MORE PARTIES. I have no doubt this was the "you don't know what you have until it's gone" disease, but I wanted to engage in tomfoolery, and eat lots of candy while not wearing work clothes. I started going to Renaissance Fairs and keeping a costume box, which currently holds Ren Fair skirts and dresses, corsets, ears of varying types, wings...

Like last year, for instance. After a LOT of hard work, I wanted to go out and just have a good time with my friends. I got invitations to two parties and also went out with my roommate at the time, so I did THREE costumes--which is now a record for me in one Halloween (if only I knew where the vampire costume photo was at to show y'all...). Anyone want to invite me out this weekend a bunch of times so I can wear FOUR costumes (trust me, I actually have materials to do so)?

So long in short--I love Halloween. I love costumes. Dressing up is the bomb.com, and I wish I had more reasons to do it than once a year. So if you ever get the itch to host a costume party...don't forget to invite this VERY enthusiastic guest.


Jessica Rabbit :)



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