Will Wear Wednesday: The Mini

3:27 PM

Did you get scared just reading that?!

Five or six years ago, I would have been terrified. I did NOT do mini-skirts, or mini-dresses, or anything too short. It was a negative, a big no, just not going to happen. I feel like there's this negative perception about people who wear them, and that's a problem. It's time we fought back against that patriarchal society that tells us bad things will happen if we show off our gams. Because me? I like my legs just the way they are, and I want the world to see them.

So here's my tips to wearing a mini!

1) Wear it whenever you want (except maybe your job).

Day, night, breakfast with your mom, dinner with Beyoncé--wherever is fine (as long as your office doesn't bar it, that is).

2) Balance it a little.

Basically, if you're showing off 90% of your leg, put some cover on the top half (unless you did get that dinner with Queen Bey--then do what you want, cause you're awesome).

3) Make sure your booty is covered.

Trust me on this--you do not want to hear from your friends later about how they saw up your skirt. You really don't. No one will be comfortable in that situation. 

4) Have fun and feel confident! You're rocking it! 



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