#tbt: Wide Legged Pants

10:46 AM

Welcome back! 

Today's Throwback Thursday post is dedicated to this pair of pants and the beginning of this blog (can you believe that was only four months ago?)! It's not that long, but it feels like a lifetime. 

It was a new idea to start a fashion blog, decided on a whim after seeing several fashionable accounts on Instagram (and comments that I always seemed to look "appropriate" for every occasion). I was headed out for the night with a friend of mine from law school and decided it was a good time to get someone to take my photo and get rollin'. 

I love this look. Basic but stylish and super comfy (and you guys know I'm all about being comfy). The best way to start a blog. 

So last weekend I decided it was time to pull the pants out for another rodeo. This time I went for something different. Patterns, sparkle, a soft sweater. It was again comfy, but it was also chic. Walking through the grocery store, I felt like I was a housewife in the 50s going to the store in her dress and pearls. 

This look is not something I would have worn four months ago, and I like that. It's amazing the evolutions we can go through so quickly. Changes in style might be something small, but I think it's an interesting testimony to human nature and development. (I also now exceed expectations at Timer Cam selfies and location scouting.) 

Here's to change being a good thing!



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