A Very "Casual" Affair

2:52 PM

I've noticed that I throw around the word "casual" a lot on this blog. As a matter of fact, it might be suffering from overuse...maybe I should consult a thesaurus? (Has law school robbed me of my vocabulary? Probably.) I also overuse easy-going, too...but that's for another blog.

I think I like the word so much because I like to live my life in as carefree a manner as possible, and that reflects to my wardrobe. Really, truthfully, I like looking like it took a shit-ton of effort to get dressed without actually having put in a shit-ton of effort to get dressed. I'm not a formal person in much of anything other than legal writing, where it's required (and even then I like to sneak in a little levity and snark).

I live by the thought that getting dressed shouldn't be difficult; it should be as easy-breezy as humanly possible, because I place more priority towards things like sleep and food and friends and academic success. I love clothes, don't get me wrong. I love getting dressed. But seriously, does anyone want to stand in front of their closet for two hours trying to figure out what to wear?

Take for example this outfit. I decided I wanted to wear the shirt. Red and black gingham is perfect for fall. Then I put on jeans. But it looked so boring. So the easiest way to make it less boring? Toss on a patterned coat, bright shoes, and a mini arm party of bracelets. DONE. Ready for class on Friday.

My best advice for your wardrobe? Don't think TOO hard. You have better things to do.



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