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3:33 PM


I'm excited. Very, very excited. 

I have openly neglected this blog. But now, it's back! To really appreciate how cute it is, you have to look at the web version. It's cute, clean and pretty--everything I could ever want.

Now to content!! 

I am going to be trying out a variety of segments, and today is the first: Will Wear Wednesdays! Today (and every Wednesday) we will talk about conquering those fashion-y things we laypeople get scared to try. 

Today we're talking about my very favorite thing I never used to wear: mix prints! Mixed prints can be a terrifying thing unless you have an idea what you're doing. 

Here's my tips for a successful mixed print:

1. When you're first starting out, stick to a similar color palette. 

Like seen here. If you're a little scared by the thought of two different prints, try them in the same color family. Here, gray + gray is not nearly as scary as, say, yellow + pink. There are slight variances (the dress is more of a blue-based gray), but it's close enough to trick the eye a little and make it less off-putting. 

2. One big, one small.

Two bigs can look preposterous unless you've got some serious chutzpah. Two smalls are difficult to see. The solution? One big, one small so your prints both stand out (in a good way!!) 

3. Detail, detail, detail!

Details make that similar palette really pop and draw the eye in. A rolled sleeve here, a little ruching there, and boom! Insta(worthy)-outfit. 

4. Use the KISS methodology. 

KISS (keep it simple, stupid) is an old Hatfield family catchphrase--here I mean tone down the accessories. You've got two prints doing the work for you! With this look, I literally only wore post earrings (in silver). Let the prints be your spotlight and you'll shine like a diamond! ;) 

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  1. This may be a duplicate... I've always been a little afraid if mixing prints, but you look fantastic and now I'm inspired!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad to inspire. I'd love to see the results when you try this out--post a pic!!! :D


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