"Fall"-ing Back in Love with a Summer Dress

2:22 PM

It's Tuesdayyyyy!! 

I have no idea why I felt the need to announce that so happily...maybe because it means I'm one step closer to Friday/having my audits done/feeling like I've made progress on my life? 

In any event, recently I've been looking to transition my wardrobe from those happy carefree days of summer to something more substantial in these fall days. One of the more difficult things to transition is a summer dress. I don't own a lot of them, but I really like the ones I have and don't want to relegate them to living in the closet until March. (They're too pretty to waste!) So last week I decided to take a stab at it, and I feel I came out rather successfully. I wore this outfit to class and felt like I was conquering Evidence in much the same way that I had conquered the transition of a summer dress.

So how do you achieve comfy perfection for fall in a bright and boisterous summer dress? Look below and then maybe somebody will tell you that you "look like fall" (which happened to me and was AWESOME).

It's pretty simple: 

1) Toss on a sweater.

4) Add a pretty scarf.

3) Wear seasonally appropriate makeup (such as the dark lipstick I'm rocking here.)

4. Complete it with some tights and boots. 

Here's the same dress in summer:

And again, in fall:




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