Brightening up the beat(nik)

11:24 AM

It's Friday! We made it!! 

The Orioles are playing the first game of the ALCS tonight! My first post-grad fellowship application is turned in! Classes are done for the week! I feel a lot lighter now. And to celebrate, I am playing a few rounds of touch football tomorrow and then getting back to the grind on Sunday-after all, I've got the final draft of my emerging issue due, a membership chart to make, oodles of reading to do, and my first round of appellate clerkship materials to put together.

But for now, I'm taking time to type up a blog entry because who doesn't like to have fun every once in a while? Especially with one's wardrobe. For example, yesterday's very hipster combo. I joked to my law school friends that this outfit is an iteration of everything my mom thought I would grow up to be: an artist/actress living in a loft with a hipster artist boyfriend. (At least the loft part happened.) I felt like a beatnik, but MY version of a beatnik--not in all black, but just enough to be a little off the beaten path. The grown-up soon to be badass lady lawyer version of a beatnik. ;) 

Hope you have fun this weekend--whether it's with your wardrobe, your family, your friends, your significant other, your pet, yourself, or any combination of the above! 



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