The Weekend Report: Business as Usual

4:57 PM

Welcome, welcome! I hope you've got your desired caffeinated beverage in hand, folks, because the week has started again.

So Saturday was Pro Bono Day with Maryland Legal Aid and I was volunteering with my current internship. You know what that means-business casual came looking for me on a Saturday. I tried to run, but it seems I can't escape.

I decided to keep it simple and work a neutral color palette that would look put together with the smallest amount of work I could manage (since on a Saturday you can't normally pull me out of the covers before eleven). The sleeveless button-down makes it look like I'm trying hard, and the boots are just fun enough to make me feel like it's not all work and no play. It was a great look to network with other attorneys and feel like I was a professional. 

(P.S. New shooting location? The alley next to my building. Decent light and next to no people. Yay!! Just don't mind the oh-so-chic A/C unit in the background.)



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