Weekend Report: Sweater Weather

3:23 PM

Welcome back and happy Monday! (I know. I'm sorry for reminding you. Please forgive me.)

It's now October and I've been waiting for this month for a little while. Why? Because I desperately love wearing sweaters. I know, I'm weird. But sweaters are comfy and soft and it's a socially acceptable way to wear something akin to a blanket outside of my house.

Here in Baltimore, it's still not really sweater weather...but it dropped below 70 this weekend, which means that I was wearing a sweater all weekend long. Because as a Southern expatriate now living (slightly) farther north, I felt totally justified in doing so.

Saturday was a study day/type this blog entry/sit at school on Facebook when I have a test on Tuesday day. But mostly studying. I promise. (Sort of. The lighting in this building is so good, I can't ever resist taking like 20 selfies. It's a disease, I tell you.)

I love this particular sweater (a swap find) because of its worn-in vibe and the fun geometric pattern that makes a statement without looking like a costume piece from The Bill Cosby Show. All I had to do was toss on a gunmetal/ sparkle statement necklace and bright lips and I was out the door. Easy peasy.

(Just don't mind me going a little crazy.)

Sunday was a recharge day, and I can't lie and say I got super stylish while reading Gone Girl in my chair. But I was warm in this cowl-neck ombré sweater paired with leggings, which is sometimes all a girl wants out of life. (Yes, even fashion bloggers wear normal things every once in a while.) 

What do you look forward to wearing every fall? Share in the comments! And don't forget to like/share/follow on Insta and Facebook! 




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