Weekend Report: A Pop of Color

5:00 PM

Happy Monday (night, yikes)! I hope everyone had a good weekend.
So yesterday was my big get-my-butt-out-of-bed and do some work day. I tend to get extremely lazy on the weekends, because you know. Sleep. It's important. But once you get me out of bed, I become a contradiction to my own laziness. I put on makeup. I do my hair. I spend 30 minutes figuring out what I'm going to wear that day, instead of 5 minutes the night before (like normal). I like spending time on myself on the weekends, because during the week I hate getting up early to do may hair or put on makeup--again, because sleep. (Obviously, I like sleep a lot. Doesn't everyone?)
I wanted to focus my attention on adding just a pop of color to my usual neutral wardrobe, and I decided that this red scarf was the ticket. I haven't worn it in a while, but it's pretty and soft and makes it look like I'm trying a lot harder than I am. I added a fancy knot I learned on Pinterest, threw it on over my floral blazer and some casual weekend clothes, and was ready to go study/create a discovery chart for my scholar students/have a meeting about Women's Bar stuff/go to a Keep-Collective jewelry party.
(I was also able to stand on a street corner and take photos of myself with my iPad without feeling really super self-conscious. Honestly, I was pretending that all of the cars driving didn't have people in them who could be staring at me while I took lots of pictures of myself looking fly. It helped that there weren't a lot of other pedestrians around.)
Is there anything you do in your beauty routine on the weekends that you can't seem to get around to during the week?




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