September Style Round-Up + A Surprise!

4:38 PM

Well hello!

Can anyone believe it's the last day of September?! Funny, I can't either. We are already seven weeks into the semester, which is 100% blowing my mind. 

But now is the time to share my September favorites. It's hard to choose, but here are my top 6:

6. This stripes + dots + boots combo for a rainy day. 

There was just something about this look that SCREAMED casual chic. It was comfy, practical and had all the trappings of style--I'm giving full credit to the pops of coral for that. (And it got almost 40 likes on Instagram!) 

5. This borrowed-from-the-boys weekend look.

There's nothing like rolled jeans, brogues and a basic gray tee to up the weekend ante. Combined with red lips and dark nails, this look was a winner (and showed off all my curves!). 

4. This ready-for-fall scarf/sweater combo.

I love a good mixed print. This casual, flirty look was my go-to for the day I was on call in Civil Procedure. My fave go getter color, pattern mixing, and a bold lip made me the center of attention!

3. This sparkly plaid and chevron duo.

A sparkle collar on a plaid shirt, mixed with gold chevron on the skirt?? Yes please! Loved everything about it.

2. This fierce vintage + mini combo.

I love minis. I love vintage. Toss it with my new fave scarf at a bargain price and you've got a winner (winner chicken dinner!) 


1. This fun, approachable mix of neutrals.

Sometimes it is the best thing ever to step out of our box a little. Growing up, navy and black did NOT go together--bad news!! Fortunately, this easygoing combo saved me from my own perceptions of fashion and let me try something new in a low-risk way. And isn't that a great thing??


This bows + sweater + tights combo that transitions to fall perfectly.

Because sometimes you need bows. And brights. Together. Who doesn't love to feel a little happier when they're getting dressed? 

Now for the big news...this little blog is getting a revamp!

Tomorrow (October 1), I will be launching the NEW Legally Charming Style! New format, new themes, and (bonus points) daily posts Monday-Friday!! And to commemorate the occasion, I'll be putting out a little surprise for my Insta stay tuned! 



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