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I've been a regular on the #styleme challenges on Instagram of late; unfortunately, I have been none too present on my own blog and getting posts up. The challenge of only having Internet when I can make the trek up to school/am not carrying 60 books on my back so I can also haul my laptop has been a pretty big one. I think I've got an answer, so I should be blogging more regularly. (I feel like I keep saying that...)


Last Thursday's challenge for #stylemeseptember was a good one: vintage vixen. Personally, I've always loved vintage clothing, and the styles of women who came before (particularly the 40's and 50's). I always used to fantasize about dressing like Audrey Hepburn circa Roman Holiday every day of the week. My personal style has evolved and become a bit more modern (mostly), but I have a special place in my heart for vintage. (And I definitely still pine for the day when I can find a true vintage dress).

Wednesday night found me digging through my closet to find something both vintage AND weather-appropriate. Baltimore has been scorching lately--hotter than it's been all summer, I swear!--and that put out my favorite boots I got from my mom AND long sleeves. So that brought me to a piece I was just about to give away--a light blue, short-sleeve top I got at a vintage shop in Austin a few years ago. Since it's still hot as blazes, and I wanted to layer up top, I threw on my beloved Forever 21 mini skirt (the one that's so mini it barely covers my're welcome, Baltimore! lol)...

Then, I added accessories, including my recently acquired Target scarf...

And finally, a jacket (since the law building, in polar opposite to its surroundings, is somewhere around Antarctica degrees right now)...

And the perfect formula was made. A little vintage flair made modern-cool to fit my personality perfectly.

I enjoyed class in the afternoon with a little iced pumpkin spice latte, and since my arm party was 2/3 new bracelets I got over the weekend, and my nails were newly painted for fall, I decided to take a desk selfie (with like 50 other people around, because that's how I roll).

And a little shoe show-offer since I wasn't done with taking pictures of this outfit!

Comfy walking shoes=total must.
Like my miniskirt, this outfit was, in short, fun. I love a little bit of subtle color and pattern mixing.The colors in the scarf actually ended up pulling the whole thing together, but it wouldn't have even happened if it hadn't been for the top--The Little Vintage Engine That Could.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend--I'll be back later this week!



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