Pretty {Sassy} in Pink

8:40 PM

Welcome back!!

So this look is one that has been full of good intentions. First, I was supposed to post the look Valentine's week, but it was my first day in court and I was so busy I didn't get around to it. Then, I intended to wear this out on Valentine's Day. And then it was snowy and there was a wind chill of -15 so that didn't happen. I feel kind of bad for this outfit-it keeps getting shuffled around and has yet to be worn!

But I love every part of it. Take this beautiful pink jacket, for instance. I found this when some local bloggers hosted a closet sale back in January, and I just love the proportions-dramatic shoulders, the thigh-grazing length. It was such a statement piece (and vintage too) that I couldn't leave it behind. (Especially for fifteen dollars!) If you can find a gem like this at your local thrift store, take it home!! It's one of those pieces that you just have to let shine in comparison to everything else.

So that's why I paired it with all black. A tee shirt, skinny jeans, and a funky pair of open-toed heels. A silver cuff and silver and black clutch. It's all about fun, simplicity, and letting your inner diva come out. This is the kind of look that I will wear out with my girlfriends. Someday. You know, when it's not so cold that I'd lose a toe from hypothermia if I went out in open-toed shoes.



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