#Valentines2015: The Romantic Night Out

10:03 PM

Happy Valentine's Day!

I never normally post on Saturday, but since I was in trial and then recovering from trial, I missed posting this look. And I really, really did not want to do that! 

So as you may or may not know, I have no hot date tonight. I am going out with my good friend Kara to see a movie and then go dancing. Good stuff though, am I right?! 

But for those of you with a date...may I humbly suggest a look like this?

I wore this dress last night to a charity auction at school and got compliments on it all.night.long. It is fitted and form-flattering, and has a peekaboo of lace at the top. It's flirty without trying too hard. I know you've heard a lot of hype about the little black dress, but the little red dress, believe it or not, can be an amazing wardrobe staple. I got this one at H&M back in November for under $40, and they have some cute options right now! (This dress, by the way, is still available online.) 

With it I paired this outstanding dress coat for a little color and pattern play. A graphic pattern in black and white against the red is so fun. And with this darling XO bag I got on consignment? Sweet and playful. Add a nude shoe and boom! Done. I imagine any S.O. would love to see this on their hot date. ;)

(If I get a date anytime soon, this look will emerge from this closet, I assure you.) 

No matter how you're celebrating this day, enjoy it and dress in a way that helps you feel the (self) love! 

See you Monday.



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