#Valentines2015: The Treat Yo'self Date

10:20 AM

Hello! Welcome to Valentine's Day 2015 coverage, live from Legally Charming Style!

(Yes, that was horrible. Please feel free to blame my journalism roots for that one.)

I'm taking three days out of real-life fashion coverage to bring you some ideas about what to wear this weekend, no matter the occasion! Because I'm super nice and cool like that, even though I have a moral opposition to Valentine's Day in general that we'll talk about at another time.

So let's talk honestly. Not all of us are in relationships this Valentine's Day. I am recently single and have no plans for a romantic date with anyone, or any other plans in general. So what's a girl to do? Sit around and eat ice cream while moaning about love lost or something? Um, no. Sorry. I don't play that way. And neither should you, because being single is fun and exciting (even when your family is all asking you when it's going to be your turn to walk down the aisle).

My suggestion?

Take yourself out on a "treat yo'self" date. Do something that makes you feel happy or excited, or generally gets you out of the mopey mode the greeting card industry has worked hard to put you in because of your single state. My plan? I think I'm going to sleep late, make myself a big-ass breakfast, get some work done for my trial the following Thursday, and then take myself to see a movie. No, it will not be Fifty Shades of Grey. (I'm actually now looking to see what's even out besides that.) Then maybe a coffee and a book? That sounds like literally the most divine weekend.

This outfit is ideal for running around but still feeling cute. Bright colors, a couple of patterns, and loose jeans in case you decide you want a few extra chocolates or a piece of pie (because #treatyoself). I wore it to a meeting, then to look at puppies and out consignment/swap hunting for new clothes. It was a fun day, exactly the kind of day I'd do for Valentine's if I literally hadn't done it last weekend.

What can I say? I'm the type of girl who likes to treat myself regularly. Because I'm cool like that.

Look out tomorrow for the next in the series!



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