Will Wear Wednesday: The Case for Leggings as Pants

9:54 AM


Happy Hump Day!

I know, I know. You're reading this title, and you're probably judging me a little (maybe a lot). Leggings as pants, Carisa? You're a fashion blogger. You should be wearing REAL pants. But the facts of life, as of Monday, were these: 1) It was Monday. 2) It was raining. 3) My black jeans are now my skinny-person jeans, and they were not feeling comfy. 4) My shirt was long enough to cover my butt.

That's about 99% of the reason I came to the decision to wear leggings as pants. And you know what? I'm actually 100% okay with showing this off as a look on my blog, because it's darn cute and not an iota trashy.

I do not always advocate for leggings as pants. For example, I don't advocate it when your shirt is too short to cover your crotch. I also don't advocate it when your leggings are anything less than fleecy ones or made with thick cotton. I don't advocate it when they're too tight and give you awkward camel toe. Just as important: wearing them in a way that's flattering. Maybe with a nice, flowy top like this one that has a nice pattern. And a cute jacket. Maybe some sleek boots. Not with your college sweatshirt and Uggs, because you'll probably look like you're twenty again and/or in the middle of finals (I'm saying sorry in advance to future Carisa in May--no offense, hon). Not the worst look, but not a great one, either.

But when your outfit meets the above conditions, I say go for it. Wear those bad boys.

For now, I'll enjoy and have no shame in my legging game.



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