Fri-YAY Sunshine!

9:33 AM

Y'all. Y'all. It's FRIDAY!! 

Thank goodness, right?

Now, the week doesn't necessarily end for me because I have so much work to do for an upcoming trial. Buuuuuuuut the weekend also means that I can go do fun stuff like a clothing swap and a concert, and I'm not forced to stay at school for hours and hours and hours get my point.

This outfit was my hump day happiness-marking my halfway through the crazy work/school week. If you know me (and my previous posts) I love yellow for a bit of sunshine and encouragement--it's like a pep talk from your wardrobe without a literal pep talk from your wardrobe a la Beauty and the Beast. This lightweight sweater is one of my favorite yellow pieces because of the subtle stripe and soft knit. But since it's winter and a little too cold to wear on its own, I decided to take a little Pin-spiration and pair it with a polka dot button-down and some black jeans. I really love how this came out. It's happy, figure-flattering, and just right to make it through a day in the sometimes Artic/sometimes Sahara environment known as the inside of this law school. Heck, it was even warm enough to go outside and shoot sans coat (All the way up to 39...wait, is that not warm?!)!

Now those are some Fri-YAY happies to carry into the weekend.



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