Weekend Report: Simplicity

6:16 AM

Hello blogger world! Happy Monday!

Lately I have been required to dress up more than I have in recent months. Work, client interviews, courtroom observations; all of it leads to wearing a lot of dress clothes. I've also been jumping headlong into trying out a lot of pattern mixing in my daily wardrobe, which is super fun.

Don't get me wrong. I love dressing up. I love experimenting. But sometimes it's Saturday and you're running to Target and you really just want to keep it simple.

This look was that rebellion against being risky and dressed up. It was neutrals, jeans and boots. Easy as pie. It was comfortable; I looked good and I felt confident, which made it even better. I was both happy and stylish and that was what mattered that day. (Also, it's rarely cold enough that I can pull off this fabulous tan cowl I'm wearing without looking absolutely ridiculous and that was super exciting. I get excited about very small things, as you know by now.)

Speaking of that cold--these photos represent my first shoot using an actual camera for my photos, and I am so excited at how they came out! My tripod, my Fuji and I all enjoyed our work together on Saturday to get this done (I'm assuming they had a good time, anyway-neither of them complained...). HOWEVER, here's a pro tip: if it is 25 degrees and windy, you NEED to wear gloves. Your hands will get numb if you attempt a 10-15 minute shoot in the shade when it is windy and this cold. Trust me, and trust the bright red shade of my hands in these photos. Because no look is worth losing your fingers to frostbite. ;) 



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