Shoes, Double-Takes, & Rock and Roll

11:18 AM

Welcome back to the blog (so soon)! How it's Monday already, I don't know.

So a little over a week ago, I took a mini road trip down to Annapolis to see one of my favorite artists, David Cook. I have been a fan for nearly seven years now, and it's always an amazing show. (Plus I have met a lot of wonderful friends through it, some of whom I reunited with that day!!) 

When going to a rock concert, I always want to look the part. And for me, nothing really says rock and roll like jeans, a white tee, and a leather jacket. It's the kind of combo an artist could wear straight from stage to street and still look effortlessly cool. I love how simple it is, especially when I want to wear fun shoes. 

Like these TopShop stunners. I saw these at a consignment store the day before the show and I had to have them. A bright orange high heel? How in the world do you resist that? It contrasts perfectly with neutrals like black and white and is on the opposite side of the color wheel of blue for a statement pop--a color that permeates my wardrobe. For $12, a brand new with tags pair of shoes that retail for $70 is my kind of deal. I had a woman stop mid-run in Annapolis to tell me she liked my shoes. (And she looked like one of those serious runner types too, so you know they have to be cute.)

To top it off, I threw on some metallic gold accessories, including my fave new clutch and $5 punch-your-lights-out-prettily multi-finger ring. 

A simple look like this will carry you comfortably all day. It will also make a random dude across the street look at you, stop, smile, and then do a double take.*

So enjoy your rock-and-roll outfit moments sparingly, folks. After all, with great power comes great responsibility. 



*This blogger makes no promises of same or similar outcomes...probably. ;)  

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