Will Wear Wednesday: My First Midi

8:04 PM

Happy Hump Day!

Today I'm bringing you an outfit with one of the few trends I thought I'd never try: a true midi skirt.

And y'all: I'm in love.

Fashion trends have historically dictated those of us designated as "petite" (read: 5'5" and under) cannot pull off a skirt longer than our knees. It'll make you look shorter, they said. It'll be unflattering, they bemoaned.

But two weeks ago I was at a swap meet here in Baltimore and I found this vintage knife pleated midi. I had to try it. I mean, it was free! Worst case scenario I could bring it back to the next one. So I brought it (and this top, btw) home. 

Well, I don't know who these they people are, but they're full of it. Styled the right way, a midi skirt can be fabulous on a petite girl (or any girl)! I hated taking this skirt off. I'm already envisioning other ways to wear it. I'm no expert yet, but don't worry: this midi will be back for a style clinic soon enough.

As much as I like my rules, let me say this: sometimes rules are meant to be broken.



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