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Happy hump day!

So over the weekend my lovely friend Alli of the blog Absolutely Alli tagged me to share 20 things about myself. And in the spirit of getting some content on this blog, I thought I'd share those things with all of you! So here's your little getting to know me session:

1) I am 28 years old, but I often get mistaken for much younger (between 20-24, usually). I'm going to thank my lucky genetics someday soon, I know! 

2) I didn't grow up wanting to be a lawyer. I always wanted to be an actress on Broadway, but around 20 I realized I didn't have the drive. I also seriously considered ministry work for most of my teen years. I started thinking about law school around five years ago (at least that's what Timehop tells me, anyway) after working in social services. 

3) I was a social worker with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault for around four and a half years; it was ultimately the catalyst that made me apply to law school. 

4) I am a staunch feminist and advocate for gender equality. My legal idol is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and I have been in the same room with her twice in the last year (a dream come true).

5) I love reading (like a super nerd) and have since I was a kid. I used to go through several books a year before I came back to school. Classics are my favorite! 

6) On the other hand, my love of fashion has taken a while to develop. I didn't really start thinking about clothes until I was in my first career at age 23. 

7) The fashion blog was a product of a desperate need for a creative outlet and inspired by the amazing bloggers I saw on Instagram.

8) I honestly think clothes can make the difference between confidence and insecurity.

9) My style icon is Audrey Hepburn. I've loved her since I did a biographical project on her in eighth grade.

10) In my life my biggest goal is to balance being authentic with maintaining professional relationships. I love to be myself and say what I feel, but I can't always do that (which for me is frustrating). In my personal life, however, I do my best to be honest and authentic about everything, even when it's annoying. 

11) I came to that realization after going through the process of honestly admitting to myself that I was bisexual and making the decision to tell my family and friends. It was a huge relief and took up a lot of my 2014, but was definitely worth it. 

12) While I'm glad I'm being honest about who I'd like to date, it still doesn't mean I like dating. I actually actively dislike the whole process, particularly online dating. 

13) One of the greatest passions of my life is travel. I used to travel all the time when I was a working professional. My travel to do list has over 100 cities all over the globe on it and is still growing! 

14) One of my greatest joys in life is being a good friend and helping out those I love in any way I can.

15) I also love to be silly--make goofy faces, crack jokes, sing and dance, and make obscure pop culture references.

16) Food is one of my favorite things. I think the best bonding takes place over a table and I'll always accept a dinner invitation from a friend! 

17) I am more OCD than I should probably admit to anyone. Color coding is basically my life and I'm very specific about the type of planners I buy.

18) I always secretly wished someone besides my parents would buy me flowers. I know they die, but I just love them. This wish has yet to be fulfilled.

19) My hair is both my best feature and the bane of my existence. It is thick and unruly, crazy but pretty, and I think that's kind of like me! 

20) Photography is one of my great passions. I've always wished to have a high quality DSLR camera--but one day I will!

Whew! That took time. Hope you enjoyed and more posts coming soon!!



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