LCS Travels: Road Trip Style

7:12 PM

Hello hello!

I am so excited to share my spring break mini-vacay photos with y'all. I absolutely love travel, but with a student budget I haven't gotten to experience new places in quite some time! 

This vacation started as a little concept in my mind to go somewhere alone. And then it bloomed when I was out with my friend Kara and I felt inspired by who knows what to invite her. So she picked the hotel, we packed up the car, and we headed to Buxton, North Carolina, a blip of a town on the far end of the Outee Banks. 

Our trip down was LONG, y'all. Nine hours in the car. We took a fun roundabout way through the country. We jammed to music from our teens while I ate my weight in Pringles. 

I love to drive, but I think the most essential thing when it comes to being on a road trip is being comfortable. So this look was really perfect for that. Layers to stay warm, a soft cotton shirt, stretchy jeans, and sneakers. I also had gross hair, so the hat worked great for that. But who doesn't want to be stylish too? So I mixed my prints. I cuffed the jeans. I wore a great cargo jacket. I think the result was comfy and chic, and that folks is the dream. 

As for the rest of the trip...

We were tired and hungry by the time we got in. We got a great dinner, but the whole time we had one resolution in mind: to drink wine and eat cheese and chocolate on the beach while the sun set. 

And it was amazing. The Brie and cheddar were perfect, the wine sweet, and the sunset was divine. The sky cleared and it was nothing but colors all the way down. A wonderful ending to a great first day...



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