LCS Travels: Just Beachy

11:13 AM

Welcome back!

So Saturday morning my friend Kara and I decided we were going to sleep as late as we wanted and then head out to the beach to see our patch of the coast during daylight. We were really fortunate-it was supposed to be cloudy all day, but we got this gloriously bright sunshine instead. It was also supposed to only get up into the high 40's. But nevertheless, I was determined that I was going to spend time in the sand and I was going to dress as summery as humanly possible, because that's what you do at the beach, damn it.

So instead of wearing pants like sane Kara, I decided that I was going to wear my favorite chambray dress out onto the beach. With sandals. Yes, I'm crazy. But with a denim jacket over top of my chambray dress and this adorable polka dot scarf, I felt a little less insane.

It ended up being perfect. The dress allowed me to wade out farther towards the ocean without fear of getting splashed, the jacket kept me just warm enough, and the scarf added the just-right pop of color. I was even able to leave my sandals behind when we took a long walk along the shore. It probably would have even been the perfect suit cover-up later in the spring had it been anywhere near warm enough to go swimming.

I had so much fun and felt so relaxed for the first time in AGES. I laughed more than I had in weeks, and the sun on my face felt incredible. Looking at this gray day in Baltimore makes me miss it even more! I just get so wistful for my vacation looking back at these photos...I already wish I was back on the beach, basking in the sun and walking through the huge sand dunes! I even miss getting slightly violated by ocean waves splashing up my skirt. (Feel free to judge that.)

I got half-drenched by the ocean, so I ended up having to change for our afternoon activities. Stay tuned to see what I wore...

Have a great weekend! 



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