On My Radar: Spring Shopping!

7:33 PM

Happy St. Patrick's Day, and welcome back to the blog!

Lord, school has taken over my life. I've barely had a minute to breathe, much less to photograph my outfits. But I'm trying to get back to a place where it's just a habit, so I'm looking to have a fashion post to you by Thursday.

Today, however, in the spirit of spring, I thought I'd share with you the pieces I'm currently coveting for spring (even if I can't afford to buy anything right now)! I always like to keep in mind my audience, and so everything featured today will be under $100, with most under $50--quite a deal, no matter the budget! These are all things I'll be looking to purchase when I get a higher paying job/a second job to cover my expenses, but for now I'm putting them on your radar to check out!

1. Floral heels

Don't ask me why I want them so much, I just do. I think floral heels are a fun way to kick your wardrobe up a notch-particularly if you're like me and don't wear a whole lot of color. They just scream spring and make me want to buy a hundred pairs to pair with boring suits and jeans alike.

I'm LOVING this strappy pair for $29:

Link to shop: Qupid Floral Heels

And these darling chunky heeled ones from ModCloth for $45:

Link to shop: Strut a Delight Heel

And these sweet pumps (a little over $50 but still SO PRETTY):

Link to shop: Steve Madden floral pumps

2. A trench coat

We all know why this hits the list. It's a classic, and it's the perfect transition coat to get you through the rainy spring before summer hits full force. It's tough to find an inexpensive trench that looks like quality, but I've found a few options here...

This hooded twist-on-a-classic trench for under $70:


Link to shop: Jessica Simpson silver trench

This comes-in-six-colors slice of perfection:

Link to shop: New York & Company trench

This on-point classic for just under $100:


Link to shop: Calvin Klein trench

3. White tennies

Whether you're a Converse or Keds kind of girl, a white tennis shoe just screams fresh and clean. I'm dying a little for a pair.

These Keds classics (or their Target dupes for under $15):

Link to shop: Keds leather sneakers OR  Target sneakers

Converse lace-ups (or THEIR Target dupes for under $17)

Link to shop: Converse low-tops OR Target dupes

4. A small purse with shoulder strap

Admittedly, I own a lot of purses I don't use. But most of them could probably hold a newborn baby inside, and that really isn't what you want when headed to the farmer's market or out on vacation.

This tiny pop of color (also comes in plum and coral):


Link to shop: Land's EndLandmark Mini-Fontana Lady Bag (recently reduced!)

This covetable mini-bucket bag:


Link to shop: Ann Taylor Mini Bucket Bag

And, of course, pretty much any option from Target.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my dream pics for the season--fashion posts are back on Thursday!



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