Ship-Shape Friday!

8:13 PM

It's Friiiiiiidaaaayyyyyy!!! YAY!

So Friday day was not all that exciting fashion wise. Striped blouse, black pantsuit. A little yawn, ya know. It was a great day at work with the judge--working on the commission draft, researching probationers' rights in revocation hearings--but by the time I got home, I was so ready to change. I only had a run to the grocery store planned, but I wanted to feel cutesy and fun while I did it.

This is the same striped shirt I wore to work, since I have a hard time completely changing after work because it feels like a waste of clothes. This shirt always makes me feel nautical, so I wanted to kind of keep with the theme. And I love these gray pleated shorts. The black leather-trimmed pockets are such a nice detail, and the fact they're working pockets is even better. Throw them together, add long pearls and voila! Fun, casual, and comfortable!

I gave my feet a break and threw on some sandals after five days a week of high heels. I used to do high heels every day for work, so it wasn't a big deal, but I took almost a year off being back in school. Now my toes are paying the price.

Paired with the first (and only) Coach piece I have purchase I have ever made for myself, it was a great outfit to wear when my nonprofit boss invited me to go see Obvious Child. GREAT MOVIE. If you're any kind of feminist, I highly recommend it. Jenny Slate is incredible.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Outfit: Top, New York & Company (similar here) | Shorts, Gap (similar, love these!) | Necklace, Target (similar here) | wristlet, Coach (similar here) | shoes, Target (similar here)
Lip color: Hard Candy All Glossed Up in Orange You Sweet (get it here)

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