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Welcome back!

So Tuesday was primary day here in Maryland. I'm relatively new to the state, but I wanted to do my civic duty and vote because there's not enough people that take the time, amiright?

My initial thought was to try to make a play on patriotic colors with a not-so-literal interpretation on the flag. I was really, really excited about this idea. I mean, really excited. How cute would that be?! So with that in mind, I put together this combination.

Adorable, right?

The top has tiny little navy polka dots, and the reddish-pink hue of the necklace. America. In an outfit. I walked out of my bedroom, feeling all patriotic. And then my roommate saw me, and said, "Ooooh, a dot theme!! Cute!"

For a second, I was like, kinda crushed. I had planned patriotism! AMERICA. Come on. I explained it and she got it, but then I reconsidered. You know...there were polka dots on the shirt. The beads on the necklace are round. Hey let's GO FOR THE DOT THEME!!!

Lots of dots...

...with a little J.Crew sleeve roll (thank Pinterest for that tutorial!)...
...All coming together to be patriotic AND polka-dotty!
After a morning photo shoot, I ran out to go do my voting thing and got complimented on these super adorable shoes on my way into the polling place, which were a Payless find uhhhh...three years ago? Four years ago? I got the privilege of voting for a very dear friend of mind from law school who is running for office in my district, which was AWESOME. And then I got the best accessory of all--a voting sticker! (Yes, I'm a nerd.)

After a full day of work calling clients, cleaning out files, and filling out petition paperwork, I had a training up at school on legal writing samples and cover letter formatting. Since I spilled tomato sauce on my white shirt sweated to death in my supervisor's office wanted to continue the dot theme, I changed into a polka-dot peplum I got as a hand-me-down from my roommate. (Yes, I take a lot of hand me downs from my roommates. College life for ya.) I threw on a thrifted J.Crew cardigan and called it a day!

Side note-I freakin' love this lip color. NYX is my favorite brand of makeup, since it's cruelty free, cheap, and great quality. This particular color is called Chaos, and while it looks really dark in the tube, when applied directly it comes out to this pinky-berry hue that I adore. (I honestly wish I owned every shade of NYX lipstick/matte cream ever made, but that's just one of those big dreams that's not to be.)

New post on Friday, and remember, ALWAYS vote when you have the chance! (And hey, maybe throw on some polka dots while you're at it.)

Outfit #1: top, Old Navy | pants, Target | shoes, Payless | necklace, Sam Moon Trading
Outfit #2: top, hand me down | cardigan, J. Crew (thrift) | pants, Target | shoes, Payless | necklace, Sam Moon Trading

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