Classically Pretty (on a Budget)

4:41 AM

So I'll admit it. Before starting an adult career, I hated professional clothes. I mean, never wanted to touch them, wore jeans and logo t-shirts pretty much every freakin' day.

But then I got a big girl job. No more jeans five days a week, no more logo t-shirts. It was a quick learning curve, and at first I was a little resistant. Gradually, however, I started to like it; eventually, I started to love it. Then it happened. The girl who dropped a broadcast journalism major because she didn't want to be "groomed" decided to become a lawyer.

I don't think I understood then that I was going to have to be "groomed" every day for the rest of my life.

Even though I still like jeans and t-shirts, I can't help but enjoy dressing up. I miss color a little in my professional wardrobe, but I can't help but feel like a "grown up" (the term is used very loosely) when I'm dressed up and ready for my internship.

Classy, sassy, and a bit smart-well, you know...

This outfit is a bundle of classics: a black sheath dress, a cashmere cardigan, and pearls. This outfit was also a pack of golden thrift store finds. A $15 dress + a $15 hem=a $30 investment piece for life! The cardigan? 100% cashmere, $5 on a half-price sale at Salvation Army. The shoes are DKNY and cost $19 at a consignment store. And since the necklace and earrings were made by me, they're already a bargain all their own.

Please see my ridiculous faces. Some things never change.

Dress: (similar here) | Cardigan: )similar here (pure cashmere) and here (non-cashmere)) | Shoes (similar here) | Sunglasses here | Necklace and earrings custom-made by me

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