Pajama Boardroom

6:40 PM

Welcome to the new blog! anybody wondering if I should start a new blog, in light of the fact that it's been five months since I wrote on the last?

But I figure, this one's easier. It's all the things I do. Wear clothes. Bake. Help women. Rinse and repeat. :)

Today's look is what my roommates and I have dubbed "pajama boardroom." A little bit classy, a little bit comfy, and a whole lot of cute. (See also: too tired from summer internships to wear real pants!) I went out to dinner with my good friend, Laurie, hereafter known by her superhero name, LawSchoolLaurie. Everyone thank her for the pictures!

Top: Gift (Similar here) | Blazer: Kohl's | Pants: Marshall's (similar here and here
Shoes: Target | Bag: vintage | Earrings: Walmart

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