Leapin' Leopard!

5:27 PM

Happy Monday!!

I promised this entry for Saturday, but real life in the form of a long-overdue visit to my sister's house in Virginia. Much fun was had by all, and I'm so glad that I did go and spend precious time with my niece and nephew, who are growing up much more quickly than I'd like to think about.

Now that the fun has been had, let's talk about leopard! :)

Jenna Lyons of J. Crew is famous for saying she views leopard as a neutral. And for a while, I'll admit I thought she was crazy. But lately I'm finding that I agree. There's just something about leopard that makes it feel more like second-skin and less like a overt statement. Though I like wearing it casual, I think my favorite way to do it is in a professional setting, where you can feel bold without actually being out of the box crazy. And that's exactly what a girl needs to break up a busy work week!

On Thursday, I wore one of my favorite business dresses to my non-profit organization internship. I love this dress not only because of the print, but the flattering gather at the waist that always makes me feel super skinny-pants every time I wear it (even when I'm not) and I'm comfortable all day long. Sadly, it rained right before I took this picture, but since it's a dark pattern, so it didn't look quite as blatant that I'd been standing in the rain waiting on a bus since I was kicked out of a dry area of a building for loitering. (Yes, a girl in a business dress and blazer got asked to stop loitering.)  But despite the crazy hair, I'm still really happy with these pics!

Yes, I did in fact wear shoes to work that day...they just got soaked. :(

Since I'd already worn leopard Thursday, and I really like writing these theme posts, I decided to pop on my favorite leopard shirt underneath a navy suit with a bold necklace. It was a polished look with some edge-just the kind of look for sitting in on voir dire and escorting the a new misdemeanor trial jury to see their deliberation room.

Also the best way to do a Friday. :)

And just when you thought I was done...

One more look!!!

So Friday night I had every intent to stay in, since I was headed to my sister's early Saturday morning and needed to pack. Then I saw that a good friend of mine was stuck on a terrible date and needed a date bail-out. So I definitely performed my first fake emergency call on Friday, got her free, and she offered to take me out as a thank you. In celebration of moving on, we decided to go for drinks and fried pickles (yum!) and I decided to take that leopard top that had served my suit so well and pair it with a skirt I've been dying to wear for a few months now.

It was a fabulous night and a great end to my work week!

Moral of the story? Leopard is awesome and should be worn as much as possible.

Hope your weekend was as great as mine and I look forward to the next post!


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